Monday, February 14, 2011

A Date Gone Sour

I guess I’ve done a bit of what could be called dates in Second Life, though the purpose has usually been for just me and a lady friend to just simply relax and have a pleasant time rather than serious thoughts of romance down the road. Sometimes it goes well, a pleasant dance to nice music, a walk in a park, a sim tour on an automated vehicle together, etc., and both of us part ways on a good note.

One time, things didn’t go so well.

I had come across one girl by chance encounter, and we became friends. We met a few more times. Then one day she invited me to a sim in which the area’s name suggested a bit of dating by more serious couples was done here, “Cuddle Cove.” As it turned out, a band had come to have a concert, and she thought I might like some time here.

We took a try at one of the dance poseballs, but with all the people in the area, she crashed, and took quite a while to become visible again, which was a little frustrating. But still, we were about to give it another try.

Then a mutual friend of ours came in. She greeted him, “Hi .” , then a second later I did as well, “Hi .” She then typed “Don’t mock me!” Puzzled, I asked, “What’s wrong?”

(girl) : *slaps Bixyl*
Bixyl: Ow. What was that for?
(girl) : You mocked me!
Bixyl: What?! How could I have mocked you?
(girl) : You said hello to him the same way I did.

She then went to the guy, who had stood in front of us not knowing what the heck was going on, and asked him to dance. They then went to a nearby set of dance poseballs. Confused, there was nothing better for me to do than walk away, porting out after a moment to think.

I guess she was looking for an excuse to dance with him instead, though she could simply have asked me if I minded, which I wouldn’t have.

(Reprinted from Second Life Newspaper 2008)

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. ...sounds like what usually happens to me, too. :/ At least she didn't try to get Lindens out of you first, too...
    -Buck Duane / Malya Violetsong