Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breedables Going to the Dogs

When breedable pets first came out, it was the Sion chicken. Then came bunnies, and then horses. But I had yet to see the first thing that comes to mind when someone says pet, until a few days ago.

Checking out an old TP when looking for a sandbox, I came across these breedable virtual pet dogs. So finally the breedables had come to their inevitable conclusion. Or had they. Although obviously different breeds, in the time I was there, I never did notice them move. Compared this to the bunnies which hop around.

So it looks like someone "let the dogs out" on breedables, but they need a little work.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Nope. We need breedable dragons. Full sized ones! :-)

  2. There were dog, cat and horse breedables before the current Ozimals/Amaretto businesses came on the scene.

  3. Actually there are the cutest little creatures called Meeroos on their way - they too are breedable, but with the Meeroos it is a whole lot more ... Keep an eye out for The Wonderful World of Meeroos

  4. Breedables should have been banned from the SL landscape long ago. ALL breedables, but especially horses....

    These horses are high prim, high script self-replicating griefer devices, plain and simple. If these things were in any other shape but an animal they'd have been banned already. It's just that LL is still blinded to this form of griefing for some reason.

    Breedables and their owners ruin sims and make them unlivable due to lag and owner attitude.

    Why? Well as to horses.....

    Many breeders are jerks who get defensive or downright nasty when others ask them to curtail horses scripted behaviors in order to conserve sim resources

    In addition, many breeders seem to be brainless oafs who don't know how to confine sounds to their own land to avoid griefing others with the constant high volume neighing, whinnying and clomping around such scripted garbage produces.

    These self-replicating griefer objects and their owners should be ARed on general principle when spotted. As to the creators of this dramatic crap they and their products should be perma-banned at once.

  5. ahaha that last comment sounds SOOO MUCH like Prokofy Nevah, always finding somethign to bark about.

    The breedable business is the biggest in SL at the moment, instead of loosing time barking you should use your tiny brain and get to work and find something.