Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Viewer Apps for SL

What Second Life viewer is best? For about a year, the official viewer from Linden Lab has been Viewer 2. But more residents prefer the Phoenix viewer. Any1 Gynoid compares the two viewers, and takes a look at their applications.

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  1. I am an oldie but a goodie (4+ years), and I use Viewer 2.4. I use it principly because I thought that html-on-a-prim was worth building on and that everyone would have it on their viewers soon. As few viewers that have it though, I've set aside my experiments and product (a working radar for all the Realworld US) because few would be able to see it. I may look at the pheonix again when Firestorm comes out. I'd love a 2+ codebase (which runs well) with a 1.23 UI.