Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Official Blog and Forum “Read-Only” until March 2nd for “New Community Platform.”

People going to the Second Life website to check the official blog and forums will find they can’t make any new posts. They’re in “read only.”

... the Second Life Forums, Blogs, Knowledge Base and SL Answers are now temporarily in read-only mode. This means that everything housed within the site is available for you to read, but you cannot post comments--or contribute content--until we launch our new community platform ( on March 2nd. Get ready for a more robust self-help platform with powerful capabilities, including unified search, reputation systems, new community tools, and social media features. And, please pardon our dust while we transition over to the new system.

Linden Lab through Vogt Linden gave some details in their post a few days before. They promise a “powerful new community platform.” Among the features promised are a “unifed search ... that returns organized results from relevant content in the Forums, Blogs, Answers, and the Knowledge Base,” abilities to post based on how much they’ve contributed, and others.

Why go dark for over a week? Good question. We need the time to make sure that the data set, housed within our current system, is safely ported into the new platform and that everything is fully operational and ready to go for you on launch day.

The Lindens say their “new community platform” will be up on March 2nd.

Looking forward to sharing more on launch day and to your contributions to the new platform.

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