Monday, February 28, 2011

Revolving to Surreal

You all know that one of my most favorite places in Second Life is The Corner of Revolving Time. The Corner is group owned by over 1,200 members and is run by it's 33 Corner Creators. I have been telling you for a long time about all the wonderful freebies in the Geodome and the fishing contests. The Corner of Revolving Time will be 4 years old this year and has had over 120,000 individual visitors since it opened in 2007. The Corner of Revolving Time manager is Saucy Loire and the assistant manager is Sweetsister Silverstar. Erike Itano is the Corner Fishing Manager. For more information on how to become part of The Corner of Revolving Time please speak with one of the managers.

The Corner of Revolving Time is made up of group members who enjoy sharing creations and builds in Second Life. They focus also on providing free plants, trees and flowers as well as holiday items to all. Each of us has a special talent in this world, and this group is for both creators and for those that just 'dig in the dirt' and enjoy anothers' gifts that they give freely.

Vickijo Rivera said “The Corner of Revolving Time will be 4 years old this year and we are pleased that we are now part of the Surreal Community and continue to grow and expand.” Bamabelle Graves is the Surreal Community & Education Manager and Pilar Couturier is the Surreal Events Coordinator.

Surreal is a community of people working on a collection of projects within SL with an emphasis on artistic and personal freedom. Surreal is owned by Cerze Ophelia. The projects in Surreal are many, Including :

Surreal Estates - commercial & residential land rentals
Surreal Fashion - Fashion and shopping including the Traditum Brand and Fashion Boulevard
Surreal Sandbox - nonprofit community sandbox
Surreal Systems - technology development
Surreal Builders - custom builds and solutions
Surreal Entertainment - dance troupe, DJ's and hosts

It is an spectacular collection of sims. Even the entrance is amazing to see! The first time I saw it I was wowed! All this land , all these places to visit , buy rent , build, shop! It astonished and awed me. Fortunately Vickijo , who is the Surreal Estates CEO Executive Assistant/ General Manager, was able to explain it all to me. The entrance to view the properties available is found at I visited some places for sale or rent just to see the lay of the land. The new shopping district is filled with some of my favorite designers which made me happy, Fashion Boulevard Shopping District, .In the fashion boulevard sim there is a pg office and those that prefer PG land will be able to come see the residential and commercial PG sims.

Now the new fishing area is and contests are already underway. We have and abundance of fishing customs and special bounty fish and rods. This week there will be special contests and other goodies for Grand Opening. It will include 20 1,000 linden customs exclusives and 1,000 linden starting pots all week long starting Monday the 28th. The usual schedule or contests follows:

Monday ~Tuesday~Wednesday 4:05 PM with Erike Itano (Corner Fishing Manager)
Thursday 9:15 AM with ScarlettX Demonia (Corner Hostess)
Thursday 4:05 PM with Gemma Cleanslate (Corner Hostess~Club Surreal Hostess)
Friday 9:15 AM with ScarlettX Demonia (Corner Hostess)
Friday 4:05 PM with Zolo Boyoma (Corner Hostess)
Saturday 6:05 AM with Gemma Cleanslate (Corner Hostess~Club Surreal Hostess)

Everyone is welcome at the fishing contests.

The Corner Cave Club has moved to the Community sim and is now known as Club Surreal. It ready for parties with St Patrick Day décor in place. Across from the Club the shop of freebies is already set up with terrific décor for St . Patty’s day that Saucy Loire , the manager has placed for the taking. Across from the Club the shop of freebies is already set up with the same décor free for the taking. COMMUNITY Events can be found at this link:

Below the club there is a whole new underwater world created by Sweetsister Silverstar. The entrance is found at Neptune’s Gate. It is a wondrous sight with delightful shells , sea creatures , plants, and so much more to discover . Dive in and enjoy. Nestled in the waterway-interconnected sims, there is a beach that gives community members a chance to relax and enjoy water trikes, riding watercraft, sunbathing, a waterslide, a relaxation area — and a swim-up bar that serves cool drinks on hot days! An ideal Spring Break location to party and relax. Surreal Estates offers ocean-protected waterways or private beachfront properties — something for everyone!
On the main office of the Surreal Estates Office up in the sky you will find the Hyperion Raceway that will meet your need for speed. I saw some wonderful cars for sale there!

Surreal will participate in the Relay for Life this year and will have a team named Surreal for Life. If you have an interest to contribute contact by notecard to Jake Nitely, Oceanna Sands, Bamabelle Graves or Ashlynn Enoch. The Surreal Estates 10,000 linden weekly tier raffle is held every Saturday evening at 11:00 PM. This raffle is open to all Surreal Estates land owners and their housemates or business partners. For your chance to win put the Surreal Estates office pick in your profile and touch the raffle ball located in the Surreal office sim or in the Rivera land office. Win the 10,000 linden tier raffle at Surreal Estates! All these sims and more will make a visit to Surreal a trip to remember. Though we will miss the old corner on Relaxation - Corner members are happy to be joining the new locale and becoming part of the Surreal Community.

Gemma Cleanslate

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