Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reader Submitted: Let's help our new CEO!

Rod Humble was recently hired as the new CEO of Linden Lab. I know of his work from past personal experience and I am enthusiastic about his ability to affect positive change for Second Life. Having had some recent dialog with him and reflecting on the nature of Second Life I quickly came to the conclusion that he will need the assistance of communities of people within to help provide information and ideas. As a representative of the Surreal communities, I would like to ask for input on ideas for proposed changes, thoughts, concerns, features and general thoughts regarding Second Life from anyone who wishes to provide input. I will be compiling and organizing this information to present it on our behalf, making it available for review and finally submitting it to him. Anyone who wishes to get involved send information to me via notecard with a naming convention of "CEO - my name".

Thanks :) -Cerze Ophelia

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  1. I've told LL over and over again what needs to be done to right the ship. But they'd much rather sink it and go down with it than admit that they aren't all-knowing gods. So they have my suggestions already -- number one is restore our ownership as it was sold to us, as we paid for it, and as we have receipts for. Without trust in LL and the platform, no other fix matters. If people don't trust that they'll get what they pay for then nobody will buy land for any purpose. And without land sales, LL is sunk.