Monday, April 25, 2011

Art and Music at DNA

Art Galleries are wonderful places to spend some time in SL. I came across DNA last week . The three story gallery opened in February and is still acquiring new works of art, so it will be a place to keep in your favorites for a return visit.

I met one of the co-owners, Armany Thursday, on my first visit and learned that the gallery is a place for fusion of music and art. The charter of the DNA states the “primary vision at DNA is to raise awareness, appreciation, and patronage of fine art and live music here in Second Life and to strengthen the arts community as a whole as our artists and patrons get to know one another finding common interests in the arts and ways to collaborate with each other on ideas and projects of their own.”

I wandered the first floor looking at the lovely pieces of art . There are some exquisite sculptures One, by the renowned artist Nessumo Myoo, caught my eye. It is called “Souls Strings Touch.” I consider this piece a perfect example of the fusion of art and music that is the goal of the gallery. The walls of the museum are lined with lovely paintings both inworld art and RL art. There is an entire photo exhibit of Buttons in the outer gallery by Em Larrson. Em 's notecard says her passion is using her camera to make abstract images of beauty. She has two portfolios on that table in the outer gallery if you would like to see more of her works and other of her pieces in the main gallery. Neeks Karu has some haunting images and scuptures you will not want to miss.

Armany and her partner, Dyce Underwood, are still planning to invite more artists and also have many live music events in the sim. There are many more artists for you to check out. You will find a group joiner at the entrance if you would like to keep informed of the new artists and events. The Galley hovers on the edge of the water at Captive Oasis and can be entered here . At the doorway to the main floor you will find a teleport to the 2nd and 3rd floors. Enjoy!

To get to DNA, head to Captive Oasis (202, 206, 51)

Sources: third picture by Nessumo

Gemma Cleanslate

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