Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Decorating at ISTE Island

Those wanting to do a little Easter egg decorating inworld might want to head to a spot at the ISTE sim, which had a simple but fun way to do the job, as well as offering a lesson in texturing objects in Second Life.

The first thing one does is to click on the yellow Egg Coloring box next to the Easter basket. Doing so will have the box send a folder to your inventory, which contains a couple egg shapes, and a few decoration textures.

Decorating the eggs is simple. First rezz one of the eggs on the ground (click and hold, followed by draging it on the ground). If you want one solid color, go into "Edit, " click the "Texture" tab, then click on the second (white) square to bring up the color screen, and chose which color you want.

If you want a more detailed egg, you still go into Edit and click Texture, but you go into your inventory, chose what texture you like, and drag it onto the second square. This will copy the texture onto the egg.

One thing not shown in the pictures is being able to change the sizes of the eggs. So you can reduce them in scale so they won't look like they came from monster hens.

And there you go. Happy Easter Egg decorating.

You can pick up the Easter Egg kit at ISTE Island (129, 61, 30)

Bixyl Shuftan

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