Monday, April 25, 2011

Southern Colorado Sim Due to Vanish

When Daaneth Kivioq of Relay for Life’s team “Passionate Redheads” suffered a stroke earlier this month, team members gave their support to their stricken comment in both well-wishes and an event held in his honor. But a few raised one question: “What happens to Daaneth’s sim, Southern Colorado?”

Sad to say, it seems the sim’s days are numbered. Talking to team leader Sabine McGettigan and team member Nydia Tungsten, the sim was paid for another month, but after that nothing, “More renters on the sim would otherwise help, but without a way to get them into Daan’s ... account, there’s just no way.”

Southern Colorado has been the location of a number of Relay for Life events by the Passionate Redheads, from weekly meetings, to music and dance parties, and more. Nydia’s zeppelin club, Little Dove, is there, as is Fimi Falls, named after a Redhead whose battle and end to cancer continues to inspired teammates, many whom know her only by stories.

If you’ve never visited the sim, by all means do so. There is much to see there, including the rental village sometimes overlooked by Relayers heading to events. But what draws many are the falls, which were one of the favorite locations of the late Artistic Fimicloud.

To get to Southern Colorado, Click Here.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I waited a few days before publishing, hoping there'd be some kind of break. But I heard of none. :(

  2. I have spoken to the people at LL. In a nutshell, if his credit card is automatically billed, there shouldn't be any issues whatsoever. But as a back up I have asked them to put my name in the notes on the account for the island, and that I will take over until Daaneth can get back on his feet if it is necessary -- I don't want him coming out of the hospital and seeing that everything he made has vanished. So it would appear that, for now, everything is covered.