Friday, April 1, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Second Life to Shut Down for Six Months

*Update: April Fool's*

In a press release by Linden Lab, CEO Rod Humble announced that the Second Life grid would be shut down at one minute to Midnight on April 4, due to increasing technical glitches that threatened to permanently take down the virtual world.

“By now, most have you have probably wondered if the lag is getting worse,” he stated, “It’s not your imagination. It has been getting worse, and current efforts to repair it have yielded only small, temporary relief. Without a shutdown, Second Life will be unusable to most within three weeks.” Rod stated it would likely take six months to fix the problems.

“We have gone by for eight years without a major overhaul. Band-Aid measures offered temporary fixes. But now, it is time to bite the bullet, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.”

Rod Humble went on to state that work on Mesh and Viewer 2 would continue while the Second Life Grid was closed, “We are confident enough about the acceptance of Viewer 2 by older residents when the Grid is restarted. There are no plans for the continued support for Viewer 1 and the third party viewers based on it when the Grid is reopened.”

For the Press Release, Click Here.


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  2. I don´t believe it! If U see the public server releases, isn´t that shutdown.

    User on SL

  3. I think this was unavoidable. The beta status of SL was all too obvious and it is time to fix things from the root up.
    This will hit the SL economy in a serious way. Competition (is there any) will cheer.
    Any idea what will happen to the stipends and paid membership fees? Will we get a refund? Will my castle still be there in half a year.
    And what if .. it takes longer?

  4. OMG no reason to live now

  5. Oh my oh my. And I JUST got the Alien Egg hunt finished last night about 10pm Mar 31. Life is soooooo unfair!

  6. And to hear it about on April 1... the most optimistic month of the year... what a shame.


  7. In other news, a famous news reporting fox was beaten savagely by a flock of very angry sheep. The sheep were purportedly angry over some baaaaad reporting.

  8. *avoids the sheep by "pulling the wool over their eyes"* ;-)

  9. I just got off the phone with Second Life and they are NOT shutting down according to the person I spoke to.