Friday, April 15, 2011

Syzygy Steampunk Conservatory Opens

A Steampunk Conservatory is now open to the public at Syzygy Eos (46, 55, 21). Residents of the Syzygy community are experimenting with constructing temporary, rotating installations near their new community center, and I volunteered to do the first one.

The project officially opened on April 9 with an Open House for residents and friends. Among those who stopped by for cake and champagne were Celtic Infinity, Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, Samantha Glume, Judykins Guyot, Kulta Hannu, Grijandomore Greene, Eugenia Calderon, Bixyl Shuftan, Anika Deschanel, Desiree Laryukov, and Adra Letov.

The Conservatory and most of the items are from Steam4, the steampunk hunt that was held in March. Some of you may remember that I wrote about Steam4. The prizes were fantastic—much too nice to stay in my inventory. The conservatory building is from Primwynly, and the lovely fountain is from Zoe’s Garden. Perryn Peterson, who organized Steam4, was unable to attend the open house, but she participated by donating the steampunk sounds. Some of the more unusual plants that are on exhibit are the Ironopillus, both flowering and immature ones, Iron Leaf Shroom, and Gear Grass. These were part of the “Forest In a Box” collection from Epic Toy Factory.

On a stand inside the conservatory, you will find a Steampunk Journal. It contains note cards about the build, shopping landmarks for many of the items that are on display, and information about the Syzygy community. Help yourself to a slice of Decadent Chandelier Cake and a glass of champagne, too. As you walk through the conservatory, watch out for Jules, a mechanical bird from Damani. He nips.

The Conservatory will be open until May 9.

Grey Lupindo

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