Monday, April 11, 2011

Ahab’s Haunt

There are strange things out there in those waters between the mainland and the islands. I am lucky to live on the water’s edge in Thorstar, so we sometimes take our sail boat out on the protected waters. We just sail up the channels to see what is going on, or what new builds there are. There are several large marinas not too far away with lovely yachts and small boats.

Last time we were out on the water we saw a strange looking place on the map so headed in that direction. As we approached, we saw that it is a leviathan skeleton! There it rests in the waters of Ahab’s Haunt, white, massive and imposing. It stands about 70 m high, and I did not measure the length. I fell into the water and discovered that the bottom of the ocean there is as interesting as the skeleton, with many sunken boats and even a submarine down there.

You can sunbathe on the beach, or lie in a hammock and enjoy the quiet sunlit view. There are boat races in the area so you may see one. It all belongs to Governor Linden. I discovered that he and Silent Mole seem to have built most of the items there, and he is part of the Department of Public Works. It is definitely worth a visit.

Ahab's Haunt (119, 139, 22)

Gemma Cleanslate

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