Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chilbo's "Chilbowl" Bowling Alley Raising Funds for Japan

Taking a look at the Chilbo website, the place in Second Life known for it's builders and artists has been raising funds to help out Japan since March.

From March 15th the normally free bowling lanes were set to collect Lindens, which went to the Doctors without Borders charity to help Japan following it's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

“It is my hope that Chilbo and the SL community at large, can once again step up to help another community in a time of need,” states Chibi Lexenstar, co-manager of the bowling alley. “Much like our efforts to assist the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, I believe our individual measures can create a synergistic effect especially at a time like this. Let’s all contribute to the rescue and rebuilding efforts of a country that has seen immense tragedy over the past several days.”

The picture and article were done by Chibi Lexenstar.

To get to the Chilbo sim, Click Here.

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