Monday, November 19, 2012

Have You Heard of ... ?

Second Life Newser has gotten several inquires from people asking if there's been an article published about anything in Second Life concerning secessionist petitions in the United States by individuals for a number of states to withdraw from the authority of the Federal government. So far, none of the Second Life Newser reporters has heard anything.

This is where you the readers come in. If you've heard of an upcoming demonstration in Second Life by residents calling for a state in America to break away from the Union, or of a political discussion, let us know about it. If the event has already taken place, we'd appreciate a story or a few pictures, preferably both.

On occasion, Second Life Newser will print an article or picture submitted to us by one of the readers. Not just about this subject, but about any on the Grid, within reason. Have you seen a particularly well-detailed sim? Went to a great event? Found yourself in a hilarious "only in SL" predicament? We're very interested in what you the readers have to say. Send us a story or funny picture, and if we like it, we'll post it as a Reader Submitted. For pictures, jpg format is preferred.

PLEASE include your Second Life name, and let us know if you wish it included in the story. Also ask permission before using anyone's name or picture, or use an alias.

Mail submissions to bixylshuftan(at)

Second Life Newser reserves the right to post in the appropriate section and to investigate any names used in submitted stories.

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