Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Island Holds Charity Event for Hurricane Sandy Victim

Book Island recently held a "Charity Trivia Contest" for a Second Life resident whom was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. The event was mentioned in a group announcement as hosted by Dedee Longfall, "Help Rain Weather the Storm."

We'll be hosting this event at our studio and we'd like to invite all of you and your friends to come over for an hour.  The event is for a lovely SL kitty and talented RL woman, Rain Ninetails, who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.    There'll be plenty of off the wall trivia for an hour AND you can win prizes too!  Rain has  been a long time SL builder and much beloved member of the Trivia community in-world. Please stop by and join us for a bit of laughter, friendly competition, and a chance to help out an SL neighbor.  All donations go STRAIGHT to Rain :-)

Dropping by the event, there were about a dozen avatars over. The donation jar had over 110,000 Lindens at the time, or over 400 US dollars. All the while, Dede read out the trivia questions, in which the winners got prizes, "Back when stagecoaches existed as the pinnacle of transport, the seat immediately next to the driver was reserved for individuals acting as a guard. Such a strategic spot allowed the protectors to better ward off any bandits attempting to loot passengers." "Shotgun." "Shotgun!" "Shotgun!" "Riding shotgun  As engineering marched on into motor vehicles, the vernacular designation for the coveted spot stayed the same."

The tip jar will remain at Book Island, "it will stay here for the week. I'll put it on the dock." The event was held at Book Island (133, 2, 24)

A few other locations have held Hurricane Sandy benefits. Even World of Warcraft is getting into the act with plans to offer a "fire kitten" for sale with a promise the cash goes to relief efforts.

Bixyl Shuftan

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