Saturday, November 10, 2012

SL Video: "I Wanna Go Fast"

Made for The University of Western Australia's "MachinimUWA III" machinima contest in 2011, by "MoscowIsland."

The University of Western Australia- MachinimUWA III - "I Wanna Go Fast"
Machinima, Idea & Scenario - Andy Graycloud
Building and Terraforming - Sezja Melodie
Post Production - Andy Graycloud.

"I Wanna Go Fast"
Performed by
Johny Black Gang

"Shining Moment"
Performed by
The Flavor

"Make Them Say Ooh!"
Performed by
Dot Dot Dot

"Thanks to everyone who has watched my machinima and those who will watch as time passes. To those who leave and have left many kind comments, it is greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all my friends and to Sezja, who made this possible!"

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