Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Eye on the Blog: Linden Lab Offers New Gift Biplane for Premium Accounts

Last week, Linden Lab offered a new freebie for Second Life's Premium account residents. One that the aireal-minded might be interested in: a biplane. In addition, the Lab was opening an airfield sim exclusive for Premium residents.

A new Premium gift is now available! Go Premium today and take flight in your Premium-only airplane for some high flying fun. Zoom around and perform high-speed aerial stunts and acrobatics such as loops, barrel rolls, hard dives and climbs.
Take off in Orville, a Premium-only airfield where you can fuel up your airplane, spend some hangar time with your other flying friends, socialize in the airfield building lobby or watch over the skies from the control tower!

While this plane may be a single-seat aircraft that doesn't mean you can't bring some friends along -- you just might want to tell them to hold on!

The airplane is available to Premium Residents only. To access the exclusive Orville Airport, you must be a Premium member, so don’t delay! Additional Premium benefits include a private home, Linden dollars, as well as expanded support. Take flight and take advantage this limited-time half-off promotion today.* Already Premium? Get it here.

Linden Lab also urged residents to "For a limited time, take advantage of 50% off Premium Membership."

There was no mention of the plane or airfield on the official forums, but it was mentioned in the Second Life Universe forum. One resident posting there remarked, "on a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 3.5." On the plus side, "Looks great," "Simple usage," Beginner mode takes a minimal amount of effort/practice to get used to," "The propellor actually spins, as opposed to a spinning texture," "I like the subtle trailing smoke." Among the cons, "When crossing a sim border, it repeats the last control input," "It doesn't tell you that you can now click the body of the plane for options," "Whether you're idle or full-throttle, it sounds the same."

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