Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Jamm for Genes" at "B&Bs"

After raising over 229,000 Lindens at "The Pocket" for a total of over 300,000 Lindens, "Jamm for Genes" moved to the northwest corner of Vahalla Island (35/215/16). The schedule given was as follows:

12 AM Rocky Toocool
1 AM  Spike & Band
2 AM  Russell Eponym
3 AM  Bronze8020
4 AM  Whirli Placebo
5 AM  beth odets
6 AM  Kevin M Thomas
7 AM  Mark Seery
8 AM  Vincent Carpathea
9 AM   Bara Jonson & Free Balan
10 AM  KatRose Serendipity
11 AM  REALLYMAD Morpork
12 PM   NeoMaximus Brandenburg
1 PM   Thera D
2 PM  TerryLynn Melody
3 PM   Koga Andretti
4 PM  Starrfish Ohmai
5 PM  Rock Doghouse
6 PM  Rod Hyx
7 PM  Billy Thunders
8PM   Lyrica Acoustic
9PM JoeSatriani Feden
10PM  Bamboof Stillmorning
11PM  OhMy Kidd

Jamm for Genes is a recognised charity and part of the annual Jeans for Genes fund-raiser by the Children's Medical Research Institute - see these web links for more information.

For further information  about Jamm for Genes IM OhMy Kidd in world or email

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