Friday, August 23, 2013

Steelhead Elections: The Recount

Jasmine Dawn Shuftan attended the Tuesday night town meeting at Steelhead. Among the subjects at hand was the recount of their recent mayoral elections, "Fuzz and his commitee have personally counted the ballots and have come up with the same answer as Jimmy. Jobias has won by a single vote. However we are investigating the ballots themselves ... just because."

Here is a statement by Jobias about the recount:

"Bah! In time, you will come to accept and respect me. I would be there to tell you this myself, but as A SMALL number of you seem to be against the election results, I felt it best to stay safely away from any objects being thrown from me." -Jobias

Jasmine met up with Willow Leafstorm, a member of the "Browncoats." This organization sprung up in resistance to Jobias, determined to keep him from taking office. There are "No Jo" posters going around, Jobais' picture with the international "not allowed" sign over it.

Jobias himself reportedly will be attending the next Friday Night ball at Steelhead, the theme of the party being "Villains Night." There are also stories of a vixen from out of town going around Steelhead, asking about Jobias.

More to come.

Bixyl and Jasmine Dawn Shuftan

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