Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Relay For Life Wrap-Up

A week ago on Saturday Aug 10th, the final event of the Relay For Life season took place: The Wrap-Up Party. Avatars were dropping in at 11AM and before at the RFL Wrapup 1 and RFL Wrapup 2 sims. They danced to the music to Trader Whiplash's T-1 Radio. as more and more people arrived. The Relay Committee congratulated the teams and Relayers, announcing that overt 98 million Lindens, or $392,000 US Dollars, had been raised for the season. Once again, a new seasonal record was reached.

A number of awards were given out. This included the Spirit of Relay Awards.

Spirit of Relay Team Award: Team Petunnia's Garden.

Spirit of Relay Individual Award: Oldesoul Eldemar

Also given out were the Top Conventional (Website) Fundraising Awards.

Top Team Conventional (Website) Fundraising Awards
3rd Place: Relay for Hope
2nd Place: SL Music Races For A Cure
1st Place: Circle of Life

Top Individual Conventional (Website) Fundraising Awards
3rd Place: Sunshine Zhangsun
2nd Place: Blynn Heron
1st Place: Levio Serenity

Besides these prestigious awards, there were also a number of "Spontaneous and Fun Awards," given out just for chuckles.

The Inspirational Unicorn Award: Avariel Falcon
The Relay Hood Ornament Award: Melodie Jigsaw and Jaycethriller Resident
They Can't Avoid the Kite Award: Aryon Dagger
The Bah! Bah! Rah! Rah! Award: Ham Thespian and Vee Tammas
The Who's the Cop and Who's the Crook Award: Fuzzball Ortega
Stinky's Girlfriend Award: Amanda Darbyshire
The Rhino Jail Fail Award: Dwen Dooley
The Dick Butkus Award: Tamlee Walter
The Honey We Shrunk the Shadows Award: Sasha Fairywren and Sylisan Resident
The Don't Eat the Outreach Chair Award: Gem Sunkiller
The "Feeling Zombified" Award: Mandy LavaRock
The Do-Do Bird Award: Stingray9798 Raymaker

And with this event, the Relay for Life fundraising season for 2013 officially comes to a close. There are some off-season events, such as the annual Christmas fundraiser. But for most Relayers, this marks the end of their fundraising until March 8, 2014 when the next season begins. The theme: "Journey of Promise."

Bixyl Shuftan

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