Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eye on the Blog: "Project Interesting" Promises Better Rezzing Priorities

Recently on the official Second Life blog, Linden Lab announced the latest step of their "Project Shinning." This development now available in the new official viewer, promises a more sensible, or "interesting," way for objects to rezz. Hence the name "Project Interesting." What it promises to do is replace the seemingly random pattern of objects rezzing to a more prioritized one where those which are larger and closer to your avatar appear first.

... this project will greatly reduce the load and time it takes to draw objects in regions. Put simply, this means scenes will appear more quickly and smoothly as you move throughout Second Life. ...
We’ve already made the server smarter about sending the important, "interesting" stuff first, and today we’re launching a release candidate for a new Viewer that does a much better job of storing and managing the scene data on your computer. This will not only improve the speed at which a location loads, it will also help with overall Viewer performance.

It's a problem most of us can relate to, how often the objects most important to us are about the last ones to rezz, such as a door that remains invisible and can't be opened to let one through. So a development like this sounds good. But recalling what Server-Side baking did to the Second Life experience of residents with older computers, some can be pardoned for asking "what's the catch?"  And indeed, resident Bay Sweetwater suggested Project Interesting doesn't quite work well with Mac computers.

For the complete blog post, Click Here. Or Click Here if you're having trouble seeing the video.

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  1. Inspired by this video, I downloaded and installed the new version. It was so bad, after a few hours, I deleted the program and re-installed the previous version. Will LL ever learn that improvements come with fixing problems, not by adding bells and whistles?