Monday, November 18, 2013

Discussion on InWorldz to be Held Nov 30

With InWorldz getting more attention from Second Life users due to Linden Lab's Terms of Service controversy, people have been looking for facts about the virtual world. But with concerns about misleading information, an event to explain what's true and what isn't true about the InWorldz grid is being organized.

Nydia Tungsten, whom has been traveling some to InWorldz along with some of her friends, expressed concern about what she feels are false rumors, notably a statement by Kinzart Productions that went beyond saying they would not be selling their avatars there, but also called InWorldz a "poorly maintained clone" of Second Life that was basically "a haven for thieves and copybotters" and at "risk of being shut down" by the US government. She got together with Amore Crux and Zia Larnia, who run the InWorldz/Second Life Connection Center, and informed Second Life Newser they will be holding a discussion about this alternative virtual world, fully open to the Second Life public.

The day and time for the discussion will be Saturday November 30, at Noon SL time. A location for the event has not yet been determined. While the IW/SLCC in the sim of Appletor would be appropriate for a small event, with the attention the issue's been getting across Second Life residents, a place in which the audience can listen from three or four sims is being looked for.

As for Kinzart's accusations, they were dismissed by Nydia and Amore. Nydia stated that the Grid was stable compared to Second Life, and the lag was no worse than the larger Grid, and for some even less. As for copybotters, Nydia told Second Life Newser about hearing in a InWorldz group chat someone who was basically hounded out of the chatroom after admitting a skin she was having trouble with was given by a friend who got it from Second Life, the people demanding that she ditch it for one bought from an InWorldz dealer, and threatening to report her. InWorldz, she stated, has as little tolerance for copybotters as Second Life, if not less. Amore stated, "In InWorldz, if anyone steals some other's creations and try to sell it, they get kicked out."

Nydia added, "there are less copybotters there in InWorldz than Second Life because it is less known. But to put a whole grid down like that with no proof or reason, (it) goes beyond not so thought out responses from someone that clearly had no idea of what they were talking about."

Once again, the discussion is planned for Nov 30. The location will be announced by Second Life Newser once a place has been found.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I have my business in INWORLDZ for over 2 years, love it there. Please invite me to this meeting :)