Friday, November 8, 2013

LEA 20 and the Moving Islands

By Gemma Cleanslate

It was a very moving experience , literally. I received an invitation to a new installation to the LEA 20 collective project called Moving Islands. What wonderful fun!! There are so  many people involved in this installation I can’t list them all! But you can see all the names at , and images of some of the art you will experience. 
The installation is headed up by Eupalinos Ugajin. I arrived in the entry and after collecting gifts from an egg,  jumped in a boat headed for the sim outside. When I looked back I was coming out of a fun clownface  house entrance. Ahead of me was a vast ocean covered with all kinds of ships: some to sit in and ride along, some to view as amazing and frightening. All of a sudden, the boat dumped me on the bottom of the ocean.  I walked for a while and found buildings rising from under the ocean and spiraling upward over the waters. I flew up to find some place to continue the view and clicking on various points found myself participating in so many adventures. 
I boarded a ship and began running in a treadmill, like a chipmunk, propelling  the boat through the sim.  Moving on I found myself upside down dangerously under water in a octopus like build.  I hopped  over to check out a book in the corner that had several amazing mesh looking bodies before it.  Having enough of that I jumped over to a ship that was being pulled by a fish and sat quietly at a desk while mulling over my next move. I passed several ships that looked to me like dreams from the past, perhaps lost sailors searching for land. 
Remember to look up. Above in the sky there were intriguing images. Just go over there and enjoy the sim. Surprises await you .
Gemma Cleanslate

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