Sunday, November 24, 2013

Linden Lab to Content Creators: We're Still Thinking It Over

Daniel Voyager reports on his blog that the communications between Linden Lab and the United Content Creators of Second Life group is still continuing. That's the good news. Unfortunately, there's not much new information to go on, other than the Lab hasn't made a decision on how to reword the section of the Terms of Service regarding content creators' rights.

Thank you for your group’s letter. As mentioned in my last note, we have been reviewing what changes could be made in light of the concerns expressed by some Second Life content creators. The Terms of Service impact all of our products and services, and the careful process of reviewing, evaluating, and making any revisions does take some time; we greatly appreciate the continued patience of concerned Second Life content creators while we do so as quickly as we can.

Kylie Sabra, the spokeswoman of the UCCSL, thanked the Lab's messenger for his response, reminding him they would continue to check in for more responses, "In cases such as this, silence is not golden."

In the meantime, the ToS controversy continues.

Source: Daniel Voyager's Blog

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