Saturday, November 9, 2013

SL Video: "Draxtor Plays...Leap Motion! "

(Click here if video fails to load)

Draxtor Despress in this video gives the Leap Motion controller, which earlier this year Linden Lab was working on a code for using it for Second Life. While demonstrating it, he drops by Loki Eliot's "The Well."

"Finally found some time to try the Leap Motion gesture detection thingie. Pretty darn cool! I can now envision a glorious future where Second Life residents are not disturbed out of their immersion any longer by having to click mice and keys!!!

"Important note: the Leap is very powerful and you can configure GameWave to use BOTH hands and all sorts of movements and finger combos so this vid really just scratches the surface....

"[Gameplay shown is "THE WELL" designed and executed by Loki Eliot @ , other places shown are LEA and Escapades]"

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