Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Advertise in the Newser

Running a business in Second Life can be hard. Running a dress botique? A breedable pets store? Or perhaps you're trying to get your dream club started? You're not going to make any sales if no one knows about you. So how do you get your name out?


We at Second Life Newser have several levels of advertising. For 1000 Linden dollars, you can have an article describing your business and what you sell on the front page for a week, and afterwards it remains in our archives, either of your design or done by one of our writers. To keep your name in the spotlight, consider a sponsorship in which you'll have a banner, linked to your page or an article of your choosing, near the top of the front section where it will be quickly noticed by readers, a three month term for the economical rate of 15,000 Linden dollars. Secondary Sponsorships are much the same, the banners appearing high on the page of other sections, such as People, Places, and Events, the three month term there costing 5,000 Linden dollars.

So get your name noticed. Advertise in the Newser today!

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