Monday, February 1, 2016

Reader Submitted: Virtual Ability - Being There For Each Other

A group created by three people, this group now has over 1,000 members. It is a group dedicated for people with multiple disabilities. They sought out clear communication and place that have no barriers. Virtual Ability provides all that and more.

Strangers meeting at the Virtual Ability place would become friends, and go remarkable ways. Hiking. Fishing. Campfire Hour. Show and Tell. You name it. There are many opportunities for people right here at Virtual Ability and I can't possibly find a way to describe the wonder ways of the group itself. I met Gentle Heron about five months ago and the first impression was, “Wow, Gentle Heron really know what is going on.” I would become a member of Virtual Ability and I can tell you that they go out of their ways in helping people with multiple disabilities. I myself am deaf and almost blind. It is true that I can see enough to see what's going on on Second Life. But I can see more than just that. I can see good friends. I can see clear communication between the group members. I can even see the understanding to a degree. It's definitely a wonder. I cannot think of anything bad to say about Virtual Ability because all I can think of is the good things.

They are not counselors. They are good friends. To some, they are best friends. Being there for people with disabilities, that's what it is all about. If you want to know more about the Virtual Ability, here is the link:

Deaflegacy Darkbloom

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