Saturday, February 13, 2016

One Billion Rising on Sunday, February 14

The committee for the One Billion Rising is to be congratulated for all their hard work preparing for the big Event on the 14th of February.
The first part I was involved in was dancing to the wonderful music of Break the Chain for a new One Billion Rising video. That was great fun to do. It was a long taping since as usual there were crashes and other interferences but lots of fun. I loved being in the original video and so glad to make this one too! Take a look at the marvelous outcome.
My next preparation was to meet with a group training session with Saffia Widdershins. I have been a greater at the OBR for the past two years and will do it again this year with old friends and new. The OBR has an office at the Non Profit Commons and we met there by the fire to review strategies for making all welcome to the event and guiding them to the stages and activities.
Saturday I took at tour of the area for the paper and visited all the sites where builds were completed.  I ran across some of the builders working and took pictures of some for you to see. Our own DrFran has a lovely build expressing “Violence against women brings nothing to the table.” Giovanna  Cerise was working on her build regarding child brides and imploring “Let her become woman. “ The stage is massive and the center point is at the meeting of  four sims so many visitors can be accommodated at all the events at once.   
Don’t miss it! It is only here for one day, Valentines Day, though I think the sims will be there for a few days so you can go through the wonderful creations the builders have placed there for the mission of the event. Check out the website for information on event times and don’t miss it!!

Gemma Cleanslate

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