Thursday, February 25, 2016

Press Release: Caledon Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Independent State of Caledon will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this coming Friday the 26th with dances and events. Caledon is a thriving Victorian/Steampunk-themed community, started in 2006 by Desmond Shang. It has grown steadily since then to a present 33 sims and 2057 citizens of all races. Even though the land is steampunk we are far from a demanding dress code and guest are totally welcome.

Nyree Rain be hosting the Caledon Anniversary Ball on  the actual founding date.
Friday Feb. 26th starting at 7:00pmSLT
Place:  Rain Estate, Caledon On Sea (144, 46, 777) - Moderate

Following the dance and sharing it's own anniversary with Caledon will be the Caledon Catgirl Brigade 7th Birthday Ball & Caledon Anniversary Wrap-Up Party starting at 9:30pm SLT till midnight. They stated "The night promises to be a blast (literally as we'll blow the place apart with fireworks and other bewm for the finale of the evening!)"
Place: Caledon Pensans (125/142/186)

Sunday, Feb. 28th 
4:00pm SLT: Live Hammered Dulcimer Concert by Earl Ghostraven
Place: Rain Estate, Caledon On Sea (165, 57, 3075) - Moderate

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