Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Homes For Our Troops Fundraiser in Grand Manor

Homes For Our Troops is known in Second Life for it's benefit event at the last Sunday of each month at Veterans Isle. But this month, there's another one at the Grand Manor sim which began on Sunday February 21 and lasts until Monday February 29.

The event was mentioned a few days ago in the official Second Life blog, when there was a call for content creators to offer items up for sale for charity as part of the event.

The Second Life community likes to participate in many charitable organizations and fund-raising events - it's one of the many great things about this community! Second Life Resident Blaze Teardrop is currently looking for designers who are willing to participate in an event this coming weekend to benefit the Homes For Our Troops organization. Any designers who are interested in participating should send a notecard to Blaze Teardrop or simplerosey resident inworld as soon as possible. Items do NOT need to be a new item.

Blaze Teardrop, the owner of Alpha Labs, is one of three people in charge of the event, along with Crowe Blackheart and Simplerosey Resident. Crow is the person for DJs and live musicians interested in taking part in the event to contact. In his profile, Blaze stated he is with the California National Guard.

Sources: Second Life Blog, Alpha Labs

Grand Manor (128/141/22)

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