Wednesday, November 1, 2017

20,000 Lindens in Prizes at Happy Vixen Halloween Marathon Event

It's been a busy Halloween, and one of the last events was the six hour "Special Halloween Marathon" at the haunted woods area set up at the Happy Vixen. To begin with, DJ Geerkil returned to his usual time after being out for a few weeks due to technical difficulties, doing a "Red and Black" event from 4 to 6PM SL time.

Then starting at 6PM came the marathon of Halloween tunes. DJ Squeaks was first, followed by DJ Nydia. Lastly, Jasmine Dawn, who built the haunted woods, took to the DJ booth for the first time in a few years. About three dozen people attended, and the 7000 Linden dollar prize was boosted to 20,000 Lindens by a few in the audience, 10,000 for the top male, 10,000 for the top female. The prize for the men was won by Kanhk Windstorm, while Salurielle Shinigami (ShadowRenee Ivanova), and Mato (Matoazma Kazyanenko) split the women's prize.

More details will have to wait until yours truly gets some rest, but I can add the haunted forest will be staying up a few longer.

Bixyl Shuftan

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