Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Reader Submitted: Hello From Shaza Denver


I hope everyone is having a fun and interesting day.  I would like to introduce myself to you.  I am Shaza Denver. I have been a resident of Second Life for many a year.  Its been quite a journey I started on a fateful day some eight years ago.  I have done many things in this wonderful world of Second Life,  but I think for the most part my love of fashion has always been a constant here.  That and a good day of shopping!

There are many things I enjoy here in SL. I have a love of the blues and all sorts of good music,  I have a family,  and lots of good friends,  I enjoy fishing,  and I enjoy exploring this beautiful world.  You pick a country or city you would like to see,  I can bet you will find a place in SL that mimics the original.   It is a place that never ceases to amaze me even after all these years.  It will be my pleasure in the coming months to bring you our faithful readers,  events,  sales,  and all manner of interesting things.  For the most part, since I enjoy fashion so very much,  it will be fashion articles.  I will however on occasion find something I think might be of interest other than fashion.  I hope you find my articles informative and entertaining.   I hope my articles lead you down paths you have not ever explored here on SL. 

I might cover  a flash sale,  a hunt, or perhaps a gatcha event,  You never know what I will come up with.  I will bring you groups that have fantastic gifts for  the members,  I will find quick sales and  month long events.  It is my plan to bring you all the goings on that I can find that will amuse and interest you. 

So sit back get buckled  in and enjoy the ride.  I hope you all have fun reading  my postings as much as I will have fun on my  journey of bringing them to you.  Its a good time of the year to be enjoying SL faithful readers,  so lets get started!

Shaza Denver

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