Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Memorial To A Fairy

MajikVixen (BlueVioletVixen Lorefield), whom wrote for the Newser in the past recently contacted us. A friend of hers, Bakki Beeswing, had passed away, and she had set up a memorial for her in the Zamargad sim.

I have made a little tribute to one of the best faeries in Second Life, on Zamargad.  I put it on the top of the hill, so she can overlook things and be one with the Fae here.  There is a piano a few steps down, that you can sit at while you think of her, if you like.  I am displaying the lamps she made for her "The Golden Leg Ring Birdie Beastie Name Hunt" there too, as well as the wings she made for me. 

We Love and Remember You, Bakki.

Anyone else with pictures of her was invited to hand them over, so MajikVixen could add them in.


Bixyl Shuftan

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