Thursday, November 2, 2017

Team Firestorm's Halloween Gift Pet Wolf

Team Firestorm recently had a Halloween party. While the party may be over, the present for those stopping by is still there: a "Wild Kajaera Limited Edition Gray Wolf."

Wild Kajaera has once again graciously sponsored a gorgeous gift!  A Firestorm Gray Wolf limited edition pet! The gift will be available at the start of the event and for a period of time after that at Kajaera’s discretion.

To get the wolf, head over to Firestorm Dow Forest (224/232/3902). Click on one of the cubes with the wolf picture, and you'll receive a craft. Rez the crate in a sandbox or your home, and you'll get the wolf and a "blue flame." I'm not sure what the blue flame does, but the wolf can be rezzed on the ground. The pet can't be bread, but needs no food.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Except the Wolf is broken, and no one at Wild Kajaera gives a cr*p. Firestorm support basically passed the buck, and refused to help. So this was not a treat, it was a trick. I was at the forest, and most of the people were complaining that the boxes were empty, or that the wolf disappeared the moment you rezzed it out, and was permanently gone. Nice job Firestorm.