Friday, November 24, 2017

Reader Submission: Proyecto Latino, New and Innovative.

Just opened three months ago and is already a point of reference for many Spanish speakers, Project Latino is innovative and willing for all those who come to enjoy the facilities and the variety of services that this place offers. It's a commercial area with a diversity of stores focused on kemono fashion, an area of ​​free items such as can not be missing today in most social areas.

Among other things this site has locker rooms, a site aimed at dictating classes, and a cinema where movies are designed daily in a very good quality and in a very familiar environment with the only requirement to be users of the Firestorm Viewer. A very pleasant experience.

And what makes this site different from other sites and Spanish-speaking places to socialize? Shiroe NignTяoad (f1729) stated, "Personally I like to create spaces that give the same experience as real life." That's what makes this place different, says one of the administrators of this great place.

An article of Seven (flchp)

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