Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Reader Submitted: Mourning in Second Life

We enjoy being with friends and family. But unfortunately, accidents and illnesses can happen, and eventually there comes a day for each of us when we pass away. In real life, there are obituaries announcing the person's death, funerals to go to, and usually a lasting place for the deceased. Online however, often the only sign something is wrong is our friend suddenly stops coming on. And if we do get word, what is to be done? For those in Second Life in which people are free to build what they want to on their lands, there are those who chose to make places to honor those lost. Alura Messing recently sent a reader submission on the subject, describing her personal experience, and three places in Second Life where those whom have departed have a place where their names remain.

Read Alura's reader submission in Extra.

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