Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Announcement: HFOT July 2021 Donations

Hello fellow Homes For Our troops supporter …

I hope your summer is providing you with some great memories.  

We continue to move ahead with our goal of $25000 in donations to HFOT for 2021.  In July we sent HFOT $750.  The total now that we have sent to HFOPT in 2021 is $12427.5.  So we are basically half way to our target and now need to achieve $2500 in donations per month for the rest of 2021 to get there.  We can do this!

And as we do monthly, let’s thank those who make the special efforts to help us achieve our goals.

First of all a round of applause to the performers and their managers who gave their time and talent to this cause.  Thank you:

BG Singer
DudeCanSing and his manager Troy Pruitt-Nelson and Music Speaks Management

And then let’s thank those who put forth an extra effort to help us in July.  Thank you:

EastbayRay, Cattleya Lovette LadySmack Gears and the Legion of Vets MC
JulesA Flow, Salonios Koolhoven and DOOWOPS FOREVER at Gigli  Isles
Cayleen Linette and everyone at Cay's at Woodland Lake
All the folks at Club Mojo
Starry Moonlight and everyone at Pigeon Cove
J.J. Roseblood and Four Seasons  DFS Marketplace & Auction

And thank you to those who have placed kiosks thoughout the grid to help our cause:

Rebel Gothic and Rebellious Intentions Dance Club
LeAnn Clawtooth  and HAVOK Entertainment
All the folks at Southern Fried Country Club
ℳѕ Tamm Schism and everyone at Dandy's Place

FIⱤЄ - ̗̀ℬƠƝFIⱤЄ  ̖́ and everyone at Country Roads Ranch

There are many more who have taken the time to place kiosks …to each and every one of you we say thank you.

Lastly I personally appreciate Bri McMahon and Sabryne Hotaling for all your help with our monthly event as well as my performance on July 25 at Veteran’s Isle.

Once again we ask that you continue praying for our good friend Dahlea Milena of Veteran’s Isle, who is now fighting cancer.  We pray she beats this and is back with us soon.

This year is shaping up to be the best we have ever had.  We can do this ….let’s hit $25,000 for Homes For Our Troops and stay in the top ten donors list for 2021!  THIS MEANS THE TARGET NOW IS $2500 A MONTH TO HIT THAT $25000.   It is going to be work …but it is well worth it!

Thank you for letting me a part of this.

Frets Nirvana

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