Thursday, August 19, 2021

SL Video: "Second Life 2021 Review - Everything About The Social Metaverse That You Need to Know"


From Luca the Guide on August 11, "A mini documentary styled overview of Second Life, from inside Second Life. Its cultures, people, economy, features, outlook, history, social fabric and so on . 

"'Is it worth getting into SL in 2021? 

"Second Life is an open world 3D social virtual world, the precursor of the virtual reality or VR platforms we see today. But is it really on its way out of the Metaverse game as some believe? Or does it hold the keys to realizing the Metaverse as it is envisioned by many futurists and sci-fi authors? This short film seeks to answer those questions. 

:Everything about its history, social fabric, cultures, technology, economy, virtual land system and what the Metaverse truly means is explored in this short Second Life documentary." 

Hat tip: Nydia Tungsten

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