Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Fantasy Subcontinent Appearing South of Bellisseria


The land that will no doubt be the future home for the Fantasy-themed homes for Premium account residents has arrived. Hearing reports that the sims were now up, I checked the map around the Bellisseria continent, and there wasa a patch of landmade up of many dozens of sims.

The sims had various names. Some were quite fitting for a fantasy-themed area such as Laughing Witch, Halfling Hill, and Moon Bridge. Fairy Tails sounded more humorous than fantasy. And some such as Bunnyhug, Otter Lake, Digerido, and Ginseng could fit in other places, though still noteworthy. One, SSPE2539, hadn't been given a real name yet.

The sims are still closed to public access, so our only clue to what they look like are the examples at the Second Life Birthday. Maybe it's because they're new on the map, but checking it, they're often a solid light green in color, or invisible with only the name showing there should be a sim there.

On Bellisseria itself, the northeastern tip that's just off the continent of Satori, on the sim of Buffalo Springs there's a new airfield and dock at (199/83/36). So people can rezz a plane and take off, or rezz a boat and sail away. For those who like exploring around either continent, or a liesurely sail or flight, this is a spot to check out.

More information on the fantasy-themed Linden Home area will be available as it comes in

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager

Bixyl Shuftan

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