Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Arcade Gacha, Gacha Guild, To Continue Despite Gacha Ban

Linden Lab's announcement on Monday that they would be banning gacha machines from Second Life at the start of next month had people asking what would happen to the various merchants and events that depend on these sales for their business. Of the events, two of the largest are the Arcade Gacha and the Gacha Guild. So no doubt a number were wondering what would happen to them. Would they fold, or try to change and stay?

According to announcements from them, both plan to continue.

On Facebook, Arcade Gacha would post that while their next event would be called off due to lack of time to prepare, their plans were "to re-imagine the event and return strong."

Just like you, we've been rocked by Linden Lab's recent decision to ban gacha. For the past 9 years, gacha's been the backbone of Arcade's events, and we're truly sad to see it go. Due to LL's change and short notice to comply, we've decided to cancel September's upcoming round. This pause provides our team the much-needed time to re-imagine the event and return strong. We'll be in touch soon and look forward to seeing you when The (ALL NEW) Arcade re-opens!

The Gacha Guild had both announcements that they would be continuing, by their director Nams (Nama Gearz) with an announcement in the inworld group.

Gachas may be going away but we are not! Though a lot of changes will have to be made in the coming days and we are prepared to do what it takes to keep the event rolling. .Gacha Guild. will now be called simply .The Guild. going forward as well.

That's our tldr, but the full letter to everyone goes more in depth with how we're going to proceed. Please have a look and we'll see you in October!  

"The letter" was an open letter on the Gacha Guild website. It stated for October, it would just sell items the ordinary way "it’ll just be straightforward, regular sales" rather than include any new systems designed to get around the gacha ban. "It’s likely such systems are already being developed by many SL residents as we speak. Time will tell if those systems will be 100% approved by Linden Labs, and until then, they will not be allowed for use in the event."

"The amazing work designers make will not be diminished because they’re not in gacha form and will be every bit as spectacular as they always have been."

So for the two largest gacha events in Second Life, the ban does not mean the end, but change.

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager, Matoazma Kazyanenko

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Imagine having to sell items for what they're worth to consumers instead of depending on exploitive mechanics like hidden (and easily rigged) 'randomization' odds and artificial scarcity.

  2. I'm not personally into the Gachas. I'm not a fan of gambling with money on a regular basis at all.

    There are other ways to do all this. Go to an art exhibit and buy transferable items directly. Or request an affiliate vendor from the creator. That will solve the inworld sales issue... there's a way to do on mp too. You just have to be creative, that's all.