Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Reader Submitted Commentary: Things To Do About The Gacha Ban

As everybody knows, Linden Lab plans to ban gacha prize machines later this month. LL says that the gacha ban, is because of legislation in other countries. If that were so, then they would confine gacha prize machines on islands. They do that with games of skill, such as Zyngo. In the U.S., in many states, games of skill are not legal. People living in those states, can't go to those islands. So, why is LL banning gacha prize machines? That is because of one of the new owners. He doesn't like gacha prize machines. He thinks that people that play gacha, are being cheated. So he, and perhaps one of the other new owners, have decided to ban gacha prize machines.

The Lindens have closed the forum thread about the gacha prize machine ban. So, what can be done? If you have twitter, then send the Lindens a message on twitter. But don't cuss, or send any nasty messages. If you play the gacha machine, tell them, and tell them what you think of the ban. Do you sell your gacha prizes? If you do, tell them, and tell them how much you make per month selling gachas. Do you make the gacha prizes? If you do, then tell them that. And tell them how much you make per month, making the prizes. You can also email the Lindens. But no name calling, or nasty language.  But do be firm, and do let them know what you think.

Now, what else can be done? Email, or send a tweet to the news media. I don't mean just the SL news media. I emailed Fox News. You might email your local paper, or your local radio, or TV station. Let them know about the gacha prize machine ban. Let them know what you think about the ban. You could still email the SL news media. One is the SL Newser. Here is the link to the website.

There is something else that can be done. That is to file a lawsuit. That should be done last. The creators need to get together, and file a class action lawsuit. The resellers need to get together, and also file a class action lawsuit. Chances of winning is slim. But here in the U.S., we don't have loser pays laws. You sue somebody, and you lose, you don't have to pay. LL has been sued, and has lost. One time they got sued by Marc Woebegone, the case was settled out of court. Another time, Stoker Serpentine sued LL. He made sex beds, and made them transfer, no copy. Somebody found away to copy the sex beds during a sim restart. Stroker sued, and it was settled.

My store has 7 gacha prize machines. The items were made by FeelGood Trip, and his ex wife. There's clothes, cellphones, buildings, and other items. The items are about 10 years old, or older.

Pass this note card out, and let everybody know. Also pass this out to other Gacha groups.

Kelvin R. Throop

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