Thursday, August 19, 2021

Announcement: Fourth Annual Rosehaven Regatta


End the summer with a fun-filled day celebrating Rosehaven and it's beautiful waterways!

Saturday August 28, 2021

1-3PM SL time

Music for the day provided by Dr. Holocluck Henly

Catering provided by Flock and Feather

The plaza in Laudanum is the main landing point:

All along the Laudanum docks will be the boardwalk games, rides, foods, a couple's promenade walk on eitherside, prizes ... tons of fun! In the water at the edge of the Laudanum dock will be a cordoned space for inner tube bumper car play, as well as paddle and rowboats for cruising the water.

Dress code is within the theme of Rosehaven, with late Victorian attire (including bathing suits) suggested.

ANYTHING THAT FLOATS but is NOT a boat CONTEST. Be your most creative and enter something that floats. If it's not a boat (no rowboats, steam ships, tall ships, speedboats, canoes, dinghy, etc.) and it floats, you can enter your own creation. All flotations must be able to move, or sail, along the water of the canal, adding a sailing script is allowed. Prizes awarded for the most unique! (Register with either Duchess Wilner or Oriella Charik to enter)

STEAMLAND TEAMS SCULL RACING/RACE FOR THE GOLDEN OARS TROPHY. We have two-person scull boats (in the US, this is known as crew boars) ... please form your teams! Each of the Steampands is encouraged to send two people to represent their region. Last year's Golden Oars Trophy went to Rosement, and they are prepared to defend!

Practice boats are available in the water near the lighthouse at Dragonlight Plaza in Laudanum. Oars are provided at the dock ... please take a copy of the oars and have fun practicing! The course will be laid out in the channel  ... lighthouse bridge and back.

Please let Oriella Charik know via notecard the names of your rowers. Only teams of two are accepted. Team shirts will be provided.

There will also be fireworks! See you at the Regatta!

Duchess of Trikassi

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