Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phishing Scams Target Phoenix & Firestorm

The development team at Phoenix/Firestorm are warning residents who use their viewers about a phishing scam that is targeting them.

The scammers claim that the people at Phoenix are paying Lindens to residents who take a survey. There is a link where the residents are led to a fake (but very realistic looking) login page. When the residents log in, their account name and passwords are taken. The scammers can then log in and steal the resident’s identity, Lindens and inventory. The scammers have even used the resident’s contact/friends list to send out phishing notes. This practice leads people to believe they are getting safe links since the information is coming from a friend.

Jessica Lyon of Phoenix/Firestorm stated that they are not paying Lindens for any type of survey. They are warning residents to be very careful about logging into fake sites. If residents believe they have been a target, they should immediately go to to change their password.

For more information go to the Phoenix/Firestorm support site at The site has detailed information on what URL to look for whenever you are asked to log into your account.

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Editor's Note: Treminari Huet also wrote on the subject:

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