Sunday, April 8, 2012

Candyland Ride in Conundrum

Mystery's sister sim, Conundrum, has a new attraction just in time for Easter: the Candyland Factory ride.

Just go through the door and down the stairs, following the arrows. One soon gets to a chocolate river with a boat just big enough for two, the right size for a couple on a date. But larger groups can also take the tour as another boat will appear after the first is taken.

Going down the river, one finds a magical land, an underground candy factory. But this isn't "Willy Wonka," and there are no little chubby men. Instead the treats are made by teddy bear bakers, who make and gather the treats. One can find all sorts here from donuts, to lollipops sprouting like flowers, cupcakes, gumdrops, cookie trees, and more.

The Candyland ride is at the Anchorage shopping district at the Conundrum sim (84, 144, 26)

Bixyl Shuftan

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