Sunday, August 19, 2012

All In A Day’s World

A figure ran past me the other day while I was in my shop on Book Island.
I was in the middle of a phone conversation and he escaped before I greeted him.
But not wanting to be rude, especially in front of my own booth.
I IM’d him with an apology.
What followed was a long conversation with someone from the Ukraine.
He spoke little English, I spoke no Ukrainian whatsoever.
But we discussed literature at length, mentioned a few authors.
These were Russian authors, one I had never heard of.
Unfortunately, I didn’t give him a list of American authors like he asked for.
I was too eager to find out what was big in the Ukraine.
But there will undoubtedly be future conversations.
That I will squeeze between those I have with people from China.
Or those from England, living in China for several years
Or my good friend from Australia,
Well, you get the point.
Book Island is a focusing point for worldwide culture.
One of many throughout the Internet.
They foster Worldwide communication.
Which can only stimulate Worldwide Peace
Personally, I’m waiting peacefully for the next international connection…..

Contributed by Sandor Zabelin to Book Island Events & Discussion Group

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