Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 2012 RFL Wrap-Up

On 4PM SL time on August 18th came the official close of the Relay for Life: the Wrap-Up party. Taking place in a temporary sim of the same name next to the permanent ACS Isle, it was a chance to reflect on the season this year, and look forward to the one ahead. For those who couldn't be there or had sound trouble, T1 Radio broadcasted the event on the Internet.

Following a poem read in honor of those who passed away from cancer, the Relay Commotte thanked the Relay's sponsors, as well as the Lindens for helping out with things like "last moment requests." There were a number of awards given out. Among them was a "Shapeshifter Award" given to Dwen Dooley for his amusing use of numerous avatars. Genie Ortega was also given an award for her "Squeee!" that spread around the Relay groups. The Purple People Eater" was awarded for it's creator's use of imagination and humor. There was also an award for Best Display Name to David Fangirl.

The top three performing teams were announced. Third was "SL Music Races for a Cure" with 4,172,000 Lindens raised or $16,688. Second was "Friends Fighting Cancer" with 6,670,000 raised, or $26,281. And the number one team was "Amaretto Ranch Breedables" with a whopping 8,668,000 raised, or $34,672.

The Spirit of Relay Team Award went to Team Shadow. The Individual Award went to Zanier Green.

Following the awards, the theme for 2013 was announced: "Celebrating 100 Years of Hope." This was in honor of the American Cancer Society's 100 year anniversary. The Kickoff event will be on March 9, 2013, with the Relay Walk on July 13-14, 2013. MamaP Beerbaum announced she was stepping down as the Chairwoman, "On one hand it is sad to say goodbye, but I will be relaying for years to come." For 2013, Nikki Mathieson will have the chair.

And with the song "One Hundred Years to Live," fireworks began going off outside the building, with the event officially coming to an end, "Have a great offseason," "It's hard to say goodbye to Relay." "Good night everybody."

The "unofficial total" raised for 2012, as of the time of the Wrap-Up event, is $374,829. The Steelhead Salmons, the team of one of the Newser's sponsors, were Platinum ranked with 551,650 Lindens raised, or $2,207. The Passionate Redheads, the team whom make up many of the neighbors of the Newser office building, raised $307,810 Lindens, or $1,231.

Official Website of RFL in SL:

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