Friday, August 17, 2012

Longtime Country Westen Sim of Salt Creek Due to Close

What may be the oldest sim in Second Life with a country western theme, after seven years Salt Creek, home to the Coyote Country Saloon, is up for sale. Jorie Teichmann is the current owner, "I have run it for the past four years. It was up and running for three years before that. … It is the passing of an era unless I get a country western fan to run it."

Jorie gave me a brief tour of the place, on a mule-pulled wagon, "The design was unique and classic, copied by many … Fiddlers was the main competitor. The people who started it were originally co-owners here. We outlasted them by two years." We went in the Coyote Country Saloon, "Very classic design. This was a one of a kid build by one of the original owners, Jewel. Very talented lady. She got sick in real life. She sold it to me four and a half years ago. I lost contact with her too." He pointed upstairs, which had a number of cuddle spots and a dance area, "Always find lovers up there late at night."

Not far away was the Black Bart bull ride. Another popular spot, Jorie pointed out, was the chapel, complete with pews and altar, "Lots of folks come here." And another spot people went to was the beach. Jorie also mentioned special events, such as a memorial service to the 10th anniversary of 9-11, "twenty four hours continuous music, all life. All the performers donated their services. We donated proceeds to the 9-11 First Responders Fund."

Another event they held was "Dancing with the AvaStars," in which eight couples competed over four weeks. Every Christmas, they would have decorations up, as well as visits from Santa. And at Halloween, the Headless Horseman would ride through.

We came across one other regular, Dearstluv Writer, "A lot of devotion here. It's been quality, not quantity. If you were to move your dreams from real life to SL, it was here. It's just tat the pocketbook wasn't quite as generous." "I just can't afford it any more," Jorie explained, "I wish I could think of more, just a great place."

To get to the sim, head to Salt Creek (190, 148, 21). The tier date is Aug 24, so it maybe gone after that. For those interested in buying, contact Jorie Teichmann, whom is offering to sell the sim, build, and group for 1,300 dollars, or 400 for just the sim without the builds, tier being $295.00 a month

Among the regulars here was Any1 Gynoid, whom had come across the place on his first day, and ket coming over.

Bixyl Shuftan

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