Thursday, February 14, 2013

EOTB: Valentines Day Surprise From Linden Lab, But ...

In the Linden blog yesterday Feb 13, there was a promise of a surprise for Second Life residents. All they had to do was log in by 7:30 SL time that evening.

Valentine’s Day is big in Second Life - whether you’re planning on buying something special for your sweetheart on the Marketplace, finding a romantic place to explore together, or just celebrating with friends inworld, Second Life is a great place to enjoy the holiday. To help you have even more fun in Second Life this Valentine’s Day, we have a surprise gift for you! You must log in by 7:30pm PT today to be eligible, so don’t wait! What is it? Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if we spoiled the surprise here - you’ll just have to log in before 7:30pm PT today to find out. 

Logging in though, there was nothing in my inventory from the Lab, no Valentine surprise. Not even a notecard. Perhaps the Lindens had goofed and posted the blog post a day early. On the official forums, some residents had their ideas, one deciding it was best to wait until Valentines Day and see what was up.

Taking a look at the post again, it turned out the Lindens had made an update. Although all one had to do was log in, the surprise wouldn't arrive until later. The Lab stated that residents who logged in on time would get the surprise, but it might not arrive until 11:59PM Feb 14th. For those on the East Coast, that's way in the middle of the night. So for some, its more like an after-Valentine Day surprise.

It does seem things were simpler in the past when the Lab held their "Kiss a Linden" events.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. So... it wasn't the 10L that mysteriously appeared in our accounts this morning?

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