Saturday, February 2, 2013

The End for "Flufee"

Since September 2011, the "Fluffee on a Meshion" video series from Pookymedia has been entertaining Second Life residents. But after a year and a half, it seems the videos are coming to an end. Episode 19, "Quo Vadis Fluffah," will be the last.

The videos took a brief hiatus in June 2012, but after the summer there were a few more.

Comments have been coming in on both the Youtube video and the "Superflufee" account, expressing sadness over the news. Producer Draxtor Despress stated in the video he and Pooky Amsterdam didn't own the rights to Flufee. In the comments below, he stated there were differences in opinion "about how to make someone popular in today's world."

And so, the final video shows Flufee driving off into real life. At the end are a few words from Torley Linden wishing Flufee well, "You truly are an iconic character."

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