Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Preview of "One Billion Rising"

By Gemma Cleanslate

Today I got a chance to go check out the four sims that will give you lots of room to roam and dance and rise at One Billion Rising.Their names are OBR Walk, OBR Strike, OBR Rise and OBR Dance.  Since the huge Dance floor is in the center on the corner of four sims it will help with lag and allow more people to enjoy the event. Remember this is a 24 hour event beginning at midnight on Valentines Day so you have plenty of time to get there and enjoy. There is an information kiosk on each sim to guide you .

The art installations circle along the edge of the sims, so you can just start in one corner and move all along the outer area to see them. At each exhibit there is a post containing the bio of the artist. Each exhibit in its way acknowledges the theme of the event. Some are celebratory, some define the reason for protest against aggression toward women. Some of the pieces are so subtle and thoughtful.  I recognized several of the artists as soon as I approached the piece. There were many that are new to me and I will be looking into their works. You can read all about these artists on the blog pages. 

There are still preparations going on as final touches are being There are a couple of installations that are disturbing in their content but that is the whole point of the event: to recognize the extent of severe treatment of women all over the world. I hope you saw the SL version of the "Break the Chain" video as well if as the original in real life. Here is the event list and you will find both videos on this page . Watch the One Billion Rising blog to get the entry points for Thursday or use the map with the names above. Join the Rising.

All those who did so much preparation for this event are to be congratulated as well as the  many sponsors who helped make it all possible. You will recognize them as you see the posters on the sims.  

It is going to be great!     

Gemma Cleanslate

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